Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have set my sights on and I'm ready to aim. I fully intend to work there (and I will). I've applied for any and every position I am qualified for. To take it one step further and to stand out from other applicants, I decided to make a trajectory and put Zappos at the end of my timeline. This is the finished product:

I really wish I had taken a better photo of it, but it is now in the possession of HR at! So, what exactly did I do? I did something kind of ballsy! I took my poster and headed down to Hender-Tucky (where Zappos HQ is located) to introduce myself. I was so incredibly nervous and my anxiety levels were maxed out, so much so that I was physically shaking! But I figured, if you want something, like really, really, really want it, you have to put your neck out and your heart on the line. So I did just that! The benefits outweigh any (if there are any losses, besides being a little bummed about not getting in to Zappos, yet).

The lovely lady at the front desk had a gentleman from HR come down to meet with me. And I believe he really liked it. He actually has the poster (I know I mentioned that already), but he kept it, which I think is an AMAZING sign! Hopefully, I will be hearing back from him soon. I am super excited and extremely hopeful and optimistic about this whole thing! I was told he would call me today, but I haven't heard from him yet. He did give me his number, so I left a message.

I know there is a WIND of change in the air -if you live in the Las Vegas area I am sure you have felt and heard the wind the past few days- cheesy pun intended.

So, hopefully SOON I will be starting a new career and a new chapter in my life and I will be a part of the Zappos Family (or as they call it, a ZAPPONIAN)! I haven't wanted something so bad in so long. I deserve this. And now that you are done reading this, check out!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am... human and ridiculous and sensitive.

I think... too much and too deeply.

I should... clean, but I think it is the most un-fabulous thing in the world to do.

I dream... that I will be the next Chelsea Handler.

I want... to work at Zappos more than anything in the world!

I know... the difference between to, too, and two.

I don't like... feeling insecure, uncertainty, and waiting around for answers.

I smell... like candy.

I hear... Michael Jackson, I miss him.

I fear... that I will be a failure and will never find real love.

I usually... think the most random thoughts and ramble on and on about them.

I search... using Google and for seashells at the beach.

I miss... how it feels to be 5, the magical feeling of Christmas, and being carefree.

I always... hope for the best.

I regret... some things, but I know going through Hell has made me a stronger, more resilient, and compassionate person.

I wonder... WHAT IF, far too much and how computers and the internet work.

I crave... cupcakes, cheesecake, love, and attention.

I remember... painful mistakes.

I need... to get my sweet cheeks to Europe!

I forget... what it was like being born and almost most of my childhood.

I feel... more deeply than others, I am far more sensitive than I lead on.

I can... cook, I never thought I'd be able to say that!

I can't... believe it's not butter. I can't have kids and it is kind of devastating.

I am happy... reading a book, zoned out, in my own little world, processing my thoughts.

I lose... myself from time to time.

I sing... out loud, in my car, with the windows rolled down.

I listen... to a lot of bubble gum pop.

I shop... for bargains, it is rare I spend more than $30 on a single item.

I eat... a lot. I love food! Get in mah belly!

I love... friends, family, kittens, cupcakes, glitter, sun dresses, coffee, fashion, and the feeling of being needed.