Friday, February 15, 2008

Everything that I am.

i sometimes want to scream.
people lots of people.
all wanting me to be a million different things.
i don't know how to do that.
how to be that.
i am at that age where i am figuring everything out.
about who i am.
who i want to be.
what i want.
who i need to be.
it's all just too much.

i need a vacation from me.
i want to crawl into someone else's skin.
hear their problems and not feel so alone.
not feeling so caught and being pulled in 10 different directions all at once.

i just feel so by myself and insecure lately.
i don't know where to go right now.

i've been bitchier and moodier lately.
i have been doubting my abilities.
my future.
my friends.

i just needed to get this out cause it is killing me slowly, more and more everyday.
i'm fragile, handle with care.