Sunday, April 9, 2006

People, why?!

why are there so many lame ass people.

i mean, why are people so shallow.

why do people feel the need to lie?

it's just so fuckin' bad. & wrong. & hurtful.

why are we all afraid to speak our minds?

what are we so afraid of?

that people will think we are weird; crazy?!

i don't get it.

i don't get why people are so insecure.

why they can't just be.

it's a sick sad world we live in.

where everyone is so quick to judge someone.

i wish everyone was blind.

blind to race, sex, religion, stereotypes, age, & etc.

i admit i do these things too.

i judge.

i make smart ass remarks, but why?!

they server no greater purpose and all it does is hurt.

makes me feel guilty.

it's not right.

at all,

by any means.

it just seems the world needs a fuckin' slap across the face.

i've made my mistakes.

i've hurt people.

that, is what i am most sorry for.

i wish sometimes i could undo the things i've done, but i can't.

you can't live in the past.

i strive to make myself a better person everyday.

i am a great friend, a good mama to my kittens, and a fabulous sister.

i've been through my fair share of "shit."

and that's what everything boils down to, "SHIT."

i dunno if this made any sense, but i've just got "shit" on my brain.